Real time tactical communication for multiple applications. Maximum availability and reliability in satellite radio communication exploiting all advantages of Geo satellites and Commcrete innovative approach.

Flipper Models Gallery

TACTICAL Flipper TS Series

Flipper is a tactical satellite communication module.
Flipper turns any line of site tactical radio of all bands.

Low VHF, Commercial VHF, Military UHF, Commercial UHF, High UHF – 900MHz band for a critical mission satellite radio.

Small, Agile & Multi Band supportive, Flipper is the right solution for field users, rescuers and first responders.

Whether you’re soldier on a mission, medical assistance, Law Enforcement or Firefighter, adding Flipper to your PTT radio, immediately connects you to the network regardless of geographic boundaries.

The size of Flipper combined with a small omni directional antenna, makes it the ultimate Comms-On-The-Move (COTM) product for various scenarios.

Flipper Datasheets