Real time tactical communication for multiple applications. Maximum availability and reliability in satellite radio communication exploiting all advantages of Geo satellites and Commcrete innovative approach.

Flipper Models Gallery

Flipper is a tactical satellite communication module.
Flipper turns any line of site tactical radio of all bands.

Low VHF, Commercial VHF, Military UHF, Commercial UHF, High UHF – 900MHz band for a critical mission satellite radio.

Small, Agile & Multi Band supportive, Flipper is the right solution for field users, rescuers and first responders.

Whether you’re soldier on a mission, medical assistance, Law Enforcement or Firefighter, adding Flipper to your PTT radio, immediately connects you to the network regardless of geographic boundaries.

The size of Flipper combined with a small omni directional antenna, makes it the ultimate Comms-On-The-Move (COTM) product for various scenarios.

Flipper Datasheets