Founded in 2022 Commcrete ltd alters the paradigm of GEO satellite communication.
Focusing on Narrow Band Satellite Connectivity (both for Voice & Data) Commcrete changes the rules of how satellite communication is done.
Commcrete develops and manufactures satellite communication solutions for both tactical and commercial segments.
Flipper for PTT radio users, supporting organization LOS radio devices (voice & data), multiple frequency bands, waveforms & encryptions, augmenting terrestrial communication beyond line-of-sight.
Stardust complements the tactical field battle with a small, rugged data transceiver (Commcrete proprietary protocol). 
Bittel is a sophisticated small data transceiver for voice & data (Commcrete proprietary protocol & network). High link performance together with a very small form factor make it very attractive for implementation where LOS to the satellite is not guaranteed.